Haseeb Javed for City Council

Haseeb Javed for City Council

Welcome to the official website for my candidacy for Manassas Park City Council!  As a tireless, experienced advocate and lover of all things Manassas Park, I want to serve you as your next City Council representative.  Please explore the site, send me questions, and sign up to hear the latest on Manassas Park, highlights from city council meetings, and issues I'd like your feedback on.  I hope to earn your vote on November 6, 2018!

I'm running to make Manassas Park stronger:  stronger today, stronger tomorrow, and stronger together.

Stronger TodayWe’re stronger when we support a healthy ecosystem of businesses, organizations, and individuals that share the values of Manassas Park.  I will work to make Manassas Park business friendly and to encourage inclusive growth that benefits everyone. 

Stronger Tomorrow.  Our schools must be a priority.  As a product of the public education system and a proud father of a Cougar Elementary kindergartener, I know first-hand the opportunities that a quality education can afford.  And as a city, our success turns on educating the next generation and preparing them to be future leaders, doctors, educators, and more.  Let's get this right.

Stronger Together.  If we want better outcomes, we need to ensure a seat for everyone at the table.  I will invite all people to be involved in city government so that all voices are represented. 

Learn more about me here.


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