Haseeb Javed for City Council

Haseeb Javed for City Council

Why I am running for Council Member

I believe that our great city, the City of Manassas Park is not presently where it could be. Having been a resident for over 2 years, serving on the community development board and actively participating in development efforts of the city, I have come to identify the greatest challenges currently facing the city. These challenges are:

  1. Scarcity of jobs for our hardworking citizens
  2. Lack of funding for our local schools and
  3. Outrageous utility tax bills and city infrastructure that needs improvements. Did you know that water and sewer tax bills in Manassas Park are currently the highest in the state?

These challenges are not unconnected, high utility tax bills and poor city infrastructure have scared away businesses whose operation would have otherwise created well-paying jobs for our citizens. Our local schools too aren’t left out, fewer businesses as a result of higher taxes have in turn lowered the tax base and by extension, cut funding to our public schools and other areas of public administration. If left unabated, this vicious cycle could go on and on leaving the city worse of. Better to take the bull by the horns by facing these pressing challenges squarely and who better to do this than one who has actively taken a leading role in development of the city through public service and business.

With several years of experience in problem solving and verifiable outstanding management and administration skill, I Haseeb Javed, am running for Manassas Park city council member. I am ready to fight tirelessly to restore our great city to the pride of place where it truly belongs and am eager to work hand in hand with you to achieve this. I call on you to join me in this drive to salvage our great city; to provide more jobs for our citizens, improve funding to our public schools, bring down outrageously high utility tax bills and improve the city’s currently poor infrastructure.

On November 6, 2018
vote for Haseeb Javed
for City Council

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